SCM gathers a group of young people who love both chemistry and marketing and concentrate themselves on application and promotion of specialty and fine chemicals. The product lines include battery chemicals and photoelectric materials,, special engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, semi-finished plastic products, polyurethane, organic silicon and fluorine products, industrial specialty lubricant, industrial cleaning agent, industrial silica gel, titanic acid ester, polymeric additives, food additives, medicine pesticide adjuvant, paint ink additives, heating transfer fluid and natural gas odorants, and beneficiation reagent and so on. We are dedicated to serve Chinese manufacturers with technologically advanced chemicals and strive to become the growth partner of market leaders now and in future. Our vision is to be a leader and supplier of specialty chemical materials in China.
        We value “equality, credit, cooperation and mutual development” and serve our customers with our complete sales and logistic networks, rich products and value added after sale services.
        To integrate future technology into present use is our motto!
ARKEMA,Anderol,Cognis,Cargill, CP-Chem,, CRODA, Danisco, DOW,Dow Corning , DuPont, EKA, ExxonMobil, FedChem,HCA, H.C.STARCK, IFC, Kuraray, LanXess, NKK,PANIPOL,Bluestar Silicones, SIBECO,Solutia,TIMCAL,VICTREX.
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